Payment Methods

*You will be contacted for payment upon receipt of order.

If you’re using the online form, in the details section, please include the following:

*Name 1
*Name 2
*Name 3
*Name 4
*Background Name
*Font Color
*Date or Message
*Framed or Unframed
*Any additional information you’d like to add (Special paper, color inks, fonts, etc.).
*If you want a custom Message Idea please include in the ‘Details’ section (More information on Message Ideas can be found by Clicking Here)
*Available in Spanish with Translation

To download and fill out a manual copy of the order form, please Click Here

Details for Cross Design

  • 5X7 – up to 5 names on actual cross
  • 8×10 – up to 6 names on actual cross
  • 11×14 – up to 10 names on actual cross
  • Note: The number of names on cross will depend on the length of name. In addition, if your family has several names we can put as many names in the back ground as the watermark.

We also offer gift certificates. If you’re interested, add your request in the ‘Details’ section above.

*Shipping prices may vary



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Gift Certificates

Don't forget a gift certificate!

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